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05.06.2021 - 05.06.2021


Communication Strategies

How to develop a communication strategy by using the right storytelling and talk to the right audience?

Many brands are struggling with time and knowledge when it comes to talking to their target group. The right communication strategy can help to address your target group better. As Scott Cook says: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is.” Essentially, now the consumer is more engaged in the process and the whole communication. Everybody is communicating, but how can I stand out?

In this workshop, we will work on how to share your brand identity and how to translate it into your storytelling.

It is crucial to understand where your audience is and what channel they use. We will have a look on different communication channels. Furthermore, we will use storytelling as the most impactful way to get into your audience’s head and explore how to define a strategy to address your target group:

– Audience

– Communication strategy & conception

– Storytelling

– How to reach media

The workshop is held by Mira Zawrzykraj. Mira is Managing Partner at PRfact and is developing communication concepts and strategies for lifestyle brands and products since 12 years. She has a master degree in business communications with a specialization in “Professional Media Relations” and “Brand Leadership”. Mira is also part of the advisory board at the Swiss Fashion Association.

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